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Pueblo’s Brew Guides: Moka Pot

The famous moka pot, macchinetta, caffettiera, stovetop espresso maker, or greca as my grandmother used to call it. It was patented by Luigi de Ponti in 1933 and later acquired and made famous by Alfonso Bialetti. If you have been in Italy you will know that 9 of 10 homes have a macchinetta, probably there are similar statistics in Latin America, as the stovetop has become an iconic and essential part of every kitchen.

We leave you below with our Pueblo's tips to make the most of your iconic moka pot

  1. Make sure you use pre-heat water almost to boiling point. This will reduce your extraction time and avoid overheating
  2. Fill with water just below the valve
  3. Grind just a tiny bit coarser than you usually do for espresso
  4. Fill the filter basket with coffee, remove excess and do not tamp or compact the coffee
  5. Brew with the lid open to prevent overheating
  6. Drink and enjoy

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