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Monserrate, Colombia’s sanctuary.

The name of our first blend “Monserrate” pays tribute to Colombian heritage. Colombian coffee is often considered as one of the highest quality in the world. They traditionally grow Arabica beans, and its unique geography delivers high quality and delicious beans for a remarkable brew.

Monserrate rises 3,152 meters above sea level, and it is an iconic landmark in Bogota. From the top of this mountain you can contemplate every corner of Colombia’s capital. Also known as the sanctuary of Colombia, and an important spiritual symbol for the people of Bogota.

The name comes from Montserrat mountain near Barcelona in Spain. Juan de Borja former governor of Santa Fe de Bogota gave in 1,640 the order to build a small religious retreat on the mountaintop. The church was built in honor of Montserrat's Morena Virgin whose shrine was located in Barcelona. However, the most important piece you can find is a carved statue from local artist Pedro de Lugo y Albarracin known as “El Señor Caido”. This statue of Jesus Christ after being taken off the cross has been admired by thousands of pilgrims and visitors offering prayers and asking for miracles.

There is a popular urban myth about Monserrate, that unmarried couples visiting the mountaintop together will never get married. This is a real shame for unmarried couples wanting to enjoy the picturesque path, breathtaking sunsets, and the peaceful surroundings, as they might have to wait until they are married.

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