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Pueblo’s Brew Guides: V60 (Pour Over)

The V60 is one of the different pour over or drip brewing methods. Developed by Hario in 2005 it has become quite popular for home brewing enthusiast and even coffee shops have adopted the dripper. The key for the V60 is a continuous fresh water flow and slow pour. The promise a clean cup, good for light to medium roast bean profiles.

We leave you with our Pueblo’s tips to make the most of your V60

  1. Drip coffee requires precision. So make sure you have the right hardware including scale and swan neck kettle
  2. Avoid boiling water, once it boils let it rest for a bit
  3. Grind coffee in a fine to medium setting, similar to kosher salt or caster sugar
  4. We use a coffee/water ratio of 1:16 that means 33 grams of coffee for 530 grams of water
  5. Set your hardware folding the filter into the cone and placing over the scale
  6. Rinse the filter paper by pouring around 150 grams of water on a circle motion. This will eliminate the paper flavour and heat up the mug or jug
  7. Discard the rinsing water from the mug or jug, put together again and add coffee into the brewer gently, do not compact it.
  8. Start the timer and wet the coffee on a circular motion with around 70 grams of water. Let it bloom for 30 seconds.
  9. Pour continuously, gently, and slowly water on spiral motion. For even extraction add water every 10 seconds. Aim to finish after 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  10. Let it drip for 30 seconds allowing water to drain.
  11. The total brewing time should be 3 minutes. If your final time is longer your grind is too fine, if it’s shorter than that then grind is too coarse.

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