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About us


Pueblo Coffee was born in London after a reunion of two life-long friends Fabio & Odo, both passionate about coffee, with a shared Italian and Venezuelan heritage. For us, coffee is more than a drink. It’s the nostalgia of the evenings we spent with family and friends while immerse in the aroma of coffee coming from a moka pot, or the Italian day to day ritual in piazzas and caffès where a legion of disciples make their pilgrimage for a caffè (espresso) to drink while standing up and move on as quick as they can say Prendiamo un caffè?

After pitching each other different business ideas while drinking Guinness in a pub, the recurrent theme was always related to coffee. We took it from there and after many iterations we decided to pay tribute and work with Latin American coffee beans and the tradition of the Italian roasting techniques. We were able to create synergy with, in one-hand years of experience in the hospitality business and coffee roasting and on the other the expensive hobby or obsession of an amateur food blogger and self-taught barista.

Our coffee heritage, expertise and passion are our gifts to you.

Drink Coffee. Love Pueblo.


Pueblo Coffee mixes the wisdom of two great coffee nations with cutting-edge innovation and plenty of creative experimentation to bring you the perfect cup of coffee.

Our objective is to promote Latin American coffee and culture across the UK.

We start to cultivate sustainable relationships and work only with the best quality raw materials, carefully selecting the farmers and beans we are going to use. We then pour our expertise and passion into each roast, drawing out authentic and fascinating flavour profiles for different coffee extractions. Finally, when our coffee arrives in your hands, you’ll enjoy a balanced and distinctive flavour, and the vibrant original illustrations from talented Venezuelan artist, Anna Gabriella Hererra.

We hope you love Pueblo Coffee as much as we do.



Relating to or denoting the Pueblo or their culture.

From the Latin populus, meaning “town, village,” aswell as “nation, people”.

“Pueblo is a Spanish word, one we were taught quite early while growing up in Venezuela. It means ‘people’ and we use it to show that Coffee in Latin America transcends all barriers, class and status. It is enjoyed in every household, as part of the ritual of our lives.