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Monserrate Blend – (250gr)

Monserrate Blend – (250gr)


Monserrate is Pueblo’s signature Espresso Blend. We have crafted this  coffee in pursuit of quality and consistency, achieving a bold coffee with stoned fruit sweetness, syrupy mouthfeel, and a lingering rich dark chocolate finish.

• 50% Colombia, 25% Kenya & 25% Sumatra

• Medium

• 3/5

• Apricots
• Dark chocolate

Brewing Method
• Espresso – Filter – Cafetiere

Roasted in the UK

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Product Description

We chose the name Monserrate  to pay tribute to Colombian heritage and the iconic mountain in Bogota. Monserrate is considered the guardian of Bogota rising 3,152 meters above sea level. Its white church on top has become in the last four centuries a pilgrimage destination to offer prayers and ask for miracles to "El Señor Caido".

Did you know that one popular urban myth about Monserrate among Bogota's single women says that if you visit the top with your boyfriend you will never marry him?


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